Technology changing the world.

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As once quoted by Matt Mullenweg technology has been successful enough to bring people closer. The whole wide world is bought under the reach of everyone’s fingertips and technology has been very much successful at doing that. By bringing innovation, technology has been very much able to bring changes. The lifestyle has changed, people’s vision toward the future has changed as being one of the reasons for technology. But having mentioned that technology has both its extreme edges, on one hand, it can take us to the edge of benefits, on the other hand, it can take us to the brink of disadvantages. Technology stays beneficial until man is well versed in the exact amount of technological usage. There are ample examples of how technology has changed everything and this article is going to talk about the most historical and influential transitions technology has brought. The present that we see talks about the highly technically prosperous future we might have. Many futuristic ideas like “flying cars”, “airborne robots” etc have been part of the plan.

Voice Assistants has been one of the influential technological changes. The most important example of that is home pods, Google home assistants, and Amazon Echo. This incredible personal AI assistants system is highly helpful for home output and also in a professional environment. It has proven to be delightful efficient technology assistance for humanity.  The products are made to go through many updates and upgrades to meet people’s needs regularly. These gadgets have brought significant changes in the market and also on the market globally by making futuristic communications better and more innovative. Making daily life easier and providing ease at some level is what assumingly the product aims for.

In the world of the share market “crypto-currency” has become one of the most influential changes. “Cryptocurrency”,  the idea of cryptocurrency is still a virtual reality but the results it has shown are mind-blowingly shocking. It is very controversial and risky at the same time when it comes to real-life scenarios but has shown path-breaking successful records in the past year.  There are many platforms introduced for these currencies to flourish in a better way. Platforms are working in contributing through crypto education and crypto trades.

Another most important changing factor in technological advancements is the mechanism of Automation. Automatic technology and Artificial intelligence have served many services to customers worldwide. Artificial intelligence is not only restricted to fulfilling needs but also goes beyond that by providing security management to different companies, banks, etc to secure their industries from fraud. This technical innovation has changed the way businesses operate in the present world.

When it comes to the futuristic vision of flying cars it is not wrong to assume that the world can be quite moving in the right direction to achieve that innovation. As with the recent updates from the companies like “Tesla” who have successfully archived their grounds of bringing “driverless” vehicles. Semi-automated cars have changed the driving experience to a very good extent. The automated driver intelligence where the car runs and stops automatically following the traffic signals and allows the car to reach its destination through roadways which can be termed as “shortcuts” or ways that include less traffic. 

Therefore this is how technology has made some serious changes to lifestyle and the world. Technology is brought into the mechanism by men and it’s not the way around. So, technology should only be used to serve humanity and develop it rather than human beings being slaves to technology. 

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