Pixel Art Is Back, And Now You Can Be a Part Of the Revolution

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Pixel art is making a comeback, and it isn’t just retro gamers who are becoming in on the act. In early 2022, Satoshi Runners announced a replacement line of pixel art products inspired by the planet of Cryptopunk. Satoshi’s Cryptopunk pixel art project will compile a number of the best-known names within the pixel art world to make a line of products that supported the Cryptopunk universe. Satoshi is teaming up with Zakareth, an investor and entrepreneur, who is additionally a fanatical NFT enthusiast who will spearhead the creation and marketing of this new project. Chain Runners, CryptoSkulls, and Nanopass, to call a couple of, those who’ve joined the “whitelist” for Satoshi Runners. They’ll even be working with notable Alpha groups and a spread of crypto influencers. The official release date and mint price are going to be disclosed in mid-February 2022.

Last year, because the popularity of Ethereum NFTs began to require off, Pixel Art was arguably the genre that saw the foremost success. Last autumn, CryptoPunks amassed over $35 million in sales, while Axie Infinity’s digital land sale raised over $1 million in a matter of seconds.

In addition to those two megaprojects, many smaller collections like CyberKongz and Kaiju Kingz also experienced significant growth. Pixel Art is not longer considered an old-school game development tool but rather a sort of digital art that will be collected, viewed, and sold like all other sorts of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

CryptoPunks have shown us how valuable the concept of a finite, provably scarce collection is often at scale. The new project, Satoshi Runners, will release only 7,777 characters, each with unique, animated traits and a cyberpunk origin story. Satoshi Runners aims to redefine the worth and advantages of pixel art NFTs. Future updates will include additional cyberpunk compilations, also as white-listing opportunities for current and future owners.

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