How did the doctors work with AI to beat COVID?

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COVID resulted in many changes throughout the world. We learned numerous things, different technologies, and newer outcomes. To do our daily tasks, We heavily rely on AI nowadays than we did 10 years ago. An excellent development has been made while fighting COVID. This time doctors used the help of AI to understand and beat COVID-related symptoms in a patient and also to understand the effects that the patient will go through. We saw the digitization of many usual processes and the abundance and acceptance of work from the home culture in the IT industries and other technology-based firms. AI was majorly helping in computing big numbers to assimilate the differences that were made every day due to this worldwide pandemic. The development of technologies in recent times. Is it very big proof that we Are living in the future? We have seen these kinds of developments in movies only, but nowadays it is being done in practical environments. 

Developments due to AI.

Whenever a pandemic happens. The first and foremost duty is to inform and make everybody aware of the circumstances surrounding them. In the past year, AI has been particularly successful in computing huge numbers and giving significantly correct results. The recent development is so big that Jarvis from the Iron Man movie seems legit. The state-of-the-art New Age machine learning made the fight even more pliable., and possibly the 1 1/2 years that the world has suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic is the shorter period because of the existence of artificial intelligence systems. Due to the algorithm-based structure, AI has been significantly helpful. To diagnose and solve the problems that come into the practice. Not only that, AI has been particularly helpful in tracking the spread of the COVID virus among people and realizing the spread radius in a particular area to anticipate the virus attack and the related solution. Recent developments regarding the expansion of artificial intelligence in the medical field are the DECOVID project in the United Kingdom. It comprises lead clinicians, a specialist, and NHS Trust academics who continue the innovation. This will not only enable a real-world-based AI medical procedure. But also it will promote the medical research facilities by leaps and bounds as compared to the current situation.

The backing up process 

In a severe pandemic like COVID, where nobody has seen such disaster in their lives. Medical professionals were completely overwhelmed by this outspread. In this hour of need, AI-backed their usual processes so that they could focus on newer research and technologies to cure mankind.

Tests and results.

When people were getting infected at an express rate, There were shortages of testing kits,  cylinders, beds, and medical professionals to diagnose and help the patients in their condition. While there was a very minute difference between COVID and non-COVID patients, even the non-COVID patients got affected due to the mixed and botched-up operations. The AI scanned the X-rays of advanced AI/ ML systems and gave not complete correct information, but significant information to distinguish between COVID and non-COVID patients and that lead to Faster decision making by the medical professionals.

Newer and computed treatment methods. 

AI helped the doctors to understand and diagnose newer treatment methods with newer medicine combinations and possible chemical compositions that could help with the vaccine part of the COVID-19 pandemic. The drug tests and compositions were also made possible due to the contribution of AI to medical science. AI computed numerous combinations of chemicals to give out the possible outcomes for the vaccines which could be helpful in COVID-19 treatments.

Risk assessment and tracking the widespread.

AI assessed the risk involved with every patient by the input of their medical history. Tools like EpiRisk enabled the tracking of the spreading of the virus through public mediums and the probability of a patient succumbing to the virus. Also, the trends from China and Wuhan were closely tracked to further assimilate the widespread and lethal Ness of the COVID-19 virus. For example, BlueDot assesses the big data and assumes the further implications of future pandemics based on the early identification of the virus. This is how AI-enabled the fight against Coronavirus and possibly the newer experiments and findings will make AI more smart and pliable to the future shortcomings of humankind.

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