The roadway in improving intelligence emotionally: Lessons for Self

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Emotional intelligence in scientific terms is EQ. Research has proven that serious growth in emotional intelligence can bring influence the human body. Every higher performer is destined has to prove that can have good emotional intelligence. In order to understand and make better changes in one’s emotional intelligence, a person should know how his/her’s seven sleeves are working. Having the idea of Selven self can make one’s emotional intelligence better. The EQ positivity rates can be seen increasing at a higher level. Before taking any steps for understanding emotional intelligence one should have an idea of what are the factors that incorporate into the “seven selves”.

The first foremost step in the roadway towards improving “EQ” has looked to one’s own image. Having a self-image is very important and how one is perceiving one’s self. How to think about themselves and how they show or stand their presence in front of others. Self and social awareness are equally very important. Having a mind for social awareness help to think if they concentrated on portraying themselves as a better person with normal behavior. Social awareness is significant because it checks of the self is aware of how people are perceiving his or her behavior, point of view, etc. Having a social awareness and keeping the self-disciplined also contributes to a better EQ rate. The discipline of keeping one’s ego from taking over the whole behavioral presence. When one tries to keep one’s ego aside and work more on the self can be said is constantly reflecting on the self. Self-reflection is equally important for a grown, better emotional intelligence because when a person is constantly introspecting oneself then they are sure are on the right track for improvement.

Having a good knowledge about oneself and working for the betterment of oneself in order to strengthen it can work better for the growth of “EQ”. The strengthening of the seven slaves is possible one follows a session of constant self-evaluation. Evaluating the self frequently assists in understanding the present position of their “seven slaves”.A SWOT analysis can be a very good idea to help someone evaluate themselves. The SWOT analysis can be based on how one is emotionally present. If they are following their life plan diligently and either they go through some kind of social anxiety or emotional turmoil. In order to see a constant development in one’s EQ, one should have a pre-determined goal to achieve. They should try to achieve the goal which will result in benefits for a person’s emotional stability. Indulging in mental exercise and improving one’s skills can ensure a good outcome for ailing “EQ” where the negativity ratio is high.

Once the process of enhancement or evaluation is given importance one can definitely work in having a positive influence in itself as well as on others. Having good communication skills or improving these skills can end up bringing a good “EQ” positivity rate in the personality of the person. Being understandable to one’s seven salves can help a successful roadway to a good or ideal “Emotional intelligence”. 

Therefore, working towards one’s emotional intelligence can be said to take steps towards improvement in different areas like self anxiety and self fright. Self-evaluation is considered one of the best to bring good “EQ” rates to society. Self-evaluation can be done by working together with a group professional and one can also self-test if required. 

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