The two meanings of FEAR for entrepreneurs.

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The world runs on trade and trust. While trust is the basic element and trade is the output of trust. Without these two, our systems would collapse. The very system that has proved to be the basis of human civilization and culture. And the sole reason that our culture and civilizations thrive is that we (our ancestors) changed ourselves according to the time. People who truly understand that change is the only constant, be the change and lead the way for others to follow. We do not give enough credit to our entrepreneurs. They are the change in today’s day and age. But sadly, even with all this, we don’t give proper credit for their efforts. World business leaders such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are idolized today but were neglected back when they started. They lose more money even today than anyone else in the world. But they don’t stop. And that’s what entrepreneurship is in the face of the world.    

F.E.A.R Forget Everything And Run 

This is a problem faced by everybody, whether an entrepreneur or not. We all have faced our fears and have quit some ways that could have been fruitful to us, but situations were different. Entrepreneurs have a similar kind of fear, but the degree of outcomes is way greater. The fear of process is faced by every entrepreneur. Whether old or young, the process always beats you. In the act of creating an entity, you will have to put everything you have. Not only money or not only dedication. But every ounce of you should be there in your effort. This makes the process extremely difficult and unfruitful. This is where most people quit. Because starting is easy. The phase just after starting is the hardest. 

Time goes on with or without one’s consent. And entrepreneurship takes a heavy toll on time. You won’t have any time for yourself or any other chores you want to do. Creation takes coon’s age. And you have to bear with it, If you’re dedicated enough. Failure is the root of success. If you’re not ready to accept whatever failure comes your way, you will never enjoy success as it comes. Entrepreneurs see failure as an opportunity to calibrate and rise. Failure should stop you. But boost you for the next round.   

F.E.A.R Face Everything And Rise

Understanding the lengthy process is the biggest trait of an entrepreneur. They understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good things take time and so does your business. Apple took 44 years to reach a market cap of $1 Trillion, while Tesla took only 11 years. Things go at their speed. Consistency is the key. Time is valuable, use it well in your favor to make the most out of it. If you’re in a business, you’ve already invested your time. So why not make the full effort and stop worrying about how much time went past. If you focus on how much you’ve achieved and how much you can achieve, you’ll make a big difference. Col. Sanders is the biggest example of how to turn time in your favor.   

Commitment to failures is what makes entrepreneurs successful. Take any big example today, Elon Musk failed miserably before finding success with SpaceX. Col. Sanders failed almost 1000 times before KFC. But they are the biggest players today. Because they didn’t quit. They might have taken a detour. But they did not quit. And that is what makes an entrepreneur. 

These are two types of fear that makes or break an individual. The first kind separates ordinary people from extraordinary ones. Because we all have to play duel with our demons. The entrepreneurial way is the game of mindset. You can be beaten and thrashed. But you can’t be defeated. 

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