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The world has changed a lot in these years, and with the world, many things have transformed as well. The changes have shown that change is constant and for that new idea, perspective is very important to go ahead. The world is digitalized as it is a world that works with and through the internet. So, both the generation that grew up in the generation when the internet was growing, i.e, Millennials, and the generation who is growing in a world which is already in a world that is technically matured, i.e. Genz. So, both generations working towards a better, prosperous future makes it necessary for the presence of both perspectives. Therefore, the business world has to open its doors and market for new brains that absorb a new ideas in order to fill the gap between the conflicting views of generations.

New culture and a new perspective help a company that has years of established positions work in a new direction. A company has to move towards a new path to attract new customers and in order to understand the wants of new clients, the industry has to hire advisers or employees from the present generation. Both Millenial and Genz have a temperament for handling different situations in a different way which brings various ideas and passions to them. The motivation in the workplace to work and attain milestones will be very different. The young generations are very much aware of how to face new challenges and at the same have patience as well as persistence in the job they want to do or are presently doing. Sometimes counting on the young generation can be risky but sometimes it’s worth the shot. Young people can have the best idea to improve a company’s image on social media. They might have an idea that’s trending and welcoming a huge number of eyeballs. This kind of attention can be very profitable for the company. Having a good social media account helps get promoted for a new venture which increases gaining popularity or becomes trendy. The young generation has seen different changes in the present day. It is seen that they have the ability to adapt to any situation whether the situation is a  crisis. For example- The present world of covid 19 is very different than the lives we all saw years back. The young generation has seen changes in the field of education, work, etc due to the widespread pandemic. Everyone staying back at home being quarantined has tried to do something constructive and work on productivity.

The young generation is well acquainted with stress, depression, and even how to manage stress. The generation tries to be very vocal about the topics that have been pushed under the grave for years. They have the courage to accept their mistake and find ways to solve or manage the situation. This kind of rebellious attitude is sometimes required to complete certain tasks. Being vocal about everything provides an agency against rigorous workspace violence or bullying. The outspokenness of this generation also works in bringing investors who are looking for new energy and new thinking. This generation is vulnerable at the same when it comes to new things and receives constructive criticism from or older generation. They have a decent emotional intelligence when it comes to working. They strive in having a constant evaluation of themselves and their behavior. 

Therefore both the generation working together is a very good mix of both maturity and rebelliousness. Both the generation have their own demerits but they are working together can bring innovation onboard which is very necessary to fight the competition in the world.

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