Consumer electronics: shaping and mending lives.

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The consumer electronics industry has shaped our lives more than ever. We tend to think that electronics are there to use, but the reality is, that consumer electronics have shaped our lives more than in the way we can ever imagine. We have evolved with the evolving product which comes into the market. Today we have gadgets around us everywhere. We tend to rely on technologies and artificial intelligence to do our daily duties more than ever. Something happens and we ask Google Assistant to take care of it. We also ask Alexa to play our music, check reminders, fix our schedules, check our alarms, and many more things. With this confined space, the consumer electronic industry has evolved more than ever exponentially. Now we see technological innovation everywhere,  even in the smallest things. Evolving from Bluetooth and infrared, we have achieved a stance where we can do anything sitting from anywhere in this world in a comforting space and do any task as specified to us. Especially when the pandemic happened, consumer electronics have helped us achieve everything we did pre-pandemic times, but in an efficient way. Here are the top three revolutions where consumer electronics have shaped life for the better.

Personalized tech

If something is the most revolutionary in the Consumer Electronics industry, it is the introduction of robots, AI, and personal assistants. Nowadays, when it’s the culture of working from home, there are revolutionized robots who specialize in domestic chores.

Moreover, home offices are gaining popularity now. So if you’re spending most of your day sitting in front of a nice table with three or four screens around you, you tend to get strain in your eyes. Specialized monitors have been developed with excellent resolutions to help you in your daily work and to help your eyes. Electronic furniture is also an addition to the growing consumer electronics industry around our lives. We tend to spend most of our time in front of screens that can leave our bodies weathered. For that specialized tables have been made with precision technology to lift and get down according to our needs and specifications. Specialized chairs are there with heat signature massages to help.

Enhanced  Locomotion

The way we move today is a very important aspect of our work. Innovations such as flying cars, hyperloops, and underground travel are revolutionary ideas to emphasize and improve the way we travel today. We are now even planning to colonize Mars, but Earth is going to be revolutionized with consumer tech having enhanced locomotive ability which can take us from point A to point B in no time. With Tesla being the first Foot into the next Gen evolution. We aim to have drones flying around us, flying cars, self-driving vehicles, and self-balancing vehicles which will emphasize the time and will eliminate any red tape ISM we have in our lives today so that we can maximize the output. We aim for every task that we do today

Health and innovation.

The last year has made us realize how far we are from prerequisite knowledge about different dynamics and viruses. Say thanks to artificial intelligence, which helped doctors fight COVID in a much more efficient way than it was possible 10 years ago. Even personalized health technologies around us have proved revolutionary and very helpful in understanding and recognizing the threats around us. From the blood pressure measurements to glucometers and oximeters around us, we have achieved the pinnacle of first aid that could be done in domestic conditions. And tech is still evolving.

With the pace, humanity is going towards automation of every usual work around us. It is not very far until we achieve complete automation of our days and then we will focus on more important work. Possibly the next Gen work environment.

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