The hindrances to servant leadership.

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If we talk about the forms of leadership existing today, servant leadership will possibly be the last one to be listed. Not only this form of leadership has been denied existence worthwhile in history, but it has been confused due to many existing definitions which are biased towards the result and not the exact meaning of servant leadership. Let us first understand what servant leadership is. This concept of servant leadership was first coined by Robert K. Greenleaf In the ” servant as a leader.” An essay that he first published in the year 1970. Not only defined what servant leadership is, but also differentiated. What are the different forms of servant leadership? how they have a Gray area between being a complete servant leader and a leader who’s dominant.  He said that a servant leader is serving first and begins with the natural feeling of the one who wants to serve and to serve first. A leader is obviously a person who aspires to lead first, but it is different from servant leadership to the world leader or a general leader because the general leader aspires more than just leading people with servant. A leader is leading people for the people. Now if we talk about leadership from the perspective of an organization. Servant leadership organizations have a better reputation And are more likely to attract long-term stakeholders.

Ideological and definitive problems.

Most of the definitions that exist for servant leaders today in the world are not very accurate. Some say that servant leaders are more of a superhuman form of leadership who guides others at the cost of their own problems. The idea behind this type of leadership has changed from time to time and so has the definition. The bar of sub Servant Leadership has been set up so high that the first step seems very unlikely to take from a human standalone perspective. Today if I want to become a servant leader, the body sat so high that I will be frightened to take the first step of change, and that change will never happen because I am discouraged to attain a servant leader stature.

Not very likely to be adopted worldwide.

Due to the definitive problems and ideological differences, the servant leadership pattern hasn’t been adopted worldwide. Due to obvious differences, today’s day and age are driven by business, technology, innovation, and trade. Business is unlikely to get an adapter structure that is scientific and proven to get higher results and more efficiency. However, the servant leadership structure has neither been tested thoroughly, and obviously, there is no proven structure. That is why it won’t be generalized and not be likely to be accepted at a worldwide level. 

Roots towards religion.

However, the idea of servant leadership has emerged from Oropher, Judeo-Christian Theories, and books. Where Jesus is shown as the ultimate servant leader and a friend of humanity. Now, because of its origin, the acceptance is not void, and because there are many people who do not accept the Judeo Christian theories. Hence there is no clear definition that can be generally accepted and understood throughout the world. 

Problems regarding implementation.

There is no systematic order Which can actually count the efficiency achieved through the servant leadership program. One can simply deny the existence of servant leadership by saying that the leader who serves the people is not good enough. There is no theory to prove or test the efficiency of this structure. The qualities that a servant leader must possess are not defined properly. For example; People can be jealous of people. None can be scanned. Does the servant-leader possess Mankind’s ability or the deficiencies that common people have? Are they above that or is it inbound In the leader to accept it in front of the people they are serving so that people could help him? There is no clarification in this matter. Would they be able to take feedback from the people? If yes, what is the feedback system to improve the leadership? There is no guidance in this and at the same time, the whole idea is to bring a change in the ongoing aspect. There is no clear definition of the authority and responsibility of a servant leader. These whole things are the issues that are the biggest hindrances towards servant leadership implementation and that is why this is not very fruitful to be implemented worldwide. 

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