The bi-result of the Entrepreneurial innovation ability

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Entrepreneurship is all about innovation and designing new frames and systems that you introduce to the world. This world runs on existing systems that may or may not be favorable for the future. Entrepreneurs are the changemakers for society. They’re the leaders we need. Entrepreneurs do it all, whether it comes to creating jobs, making new ways to develop and learn, or even updating and improving existing systems at work.  They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but these days invention is a necessity. We have been too comfortable in our own spaces and we’ve been too prone to exist within systems without thinking about change. For example; even if Elon Musk didn’t land the rocket back on earth, we’d still send satellites and rockets into space. But he suggested an efficient way to do it. Now his vision is to colonize Mars. Nobody knows if it is practical or not. But it is worth a trial. On the contrary, all the times that Elon failed, cost millions of dollars. If used efficiently, that money could have had a significant impact on the upliftment of people. Both these cases are practical and both have logical explanations behind their cause. But the inevitable question is why did we spend I mean Elon Spent all this hard-earned money of investors on something that was on chance.    

As businesspeople, people focus on increasing revenue and maximizing the profitability of their endeavors. Industrialists seek opportunities to grow within their space and for the upliftment of the industry, they are in. However, Industrialists also focus on the expansion of Industry, Trade, and Commerce.  But Entrepreneurs, focus on their vision. They see what others can’t. They see themselves as an obligated member of society, who seek refuge in the innovation and improvement of the society through their vision.    

Innovation toward the future

Whenever we talk about Innovation, we always focus on “tomorrow.” We are obsessed with what happens tomorrow so much, that we seldom see what happened today. Entrepreneurs take note of today so that they can build a better tomorrow.  Jeff Bezos worked at Mc Donalds, he saw what others couldn’t. He learned delegation, time management, work management, and deliverability from Mc Donalds. I don’t think most of us do so. The majority of the population seeks an MBA degree to learn all these traits which Jeff learned while working. That’s the difference between Innovation and Experimentation. 

The mindset of Entrepreneurs is a success mindset, whereas most ordinary people have a survival mindset. Now I’m not saying that both are opposite, but there’s a big difference.  Entrepreneurs see survival through hustle. For them, it is easier to grind for what they believe in than to rest and work easy for what they do not. Whereas ordinary people seek refuge under working only. They are stuck to the mentality of getting money after working for the whole month. None is bad. Both mindsets are completely fine in their own spaces. 

Lesser Seen Aspect   

It is easy to talk about a success mindset and entrepreneurship. But the practical implication is very tough. Entrepreneurship is not only about starting your own business. It is about finding the best solution to the problem you’re addressing while being in the process of solving it.  Entrepreneurship demand excellent money management skill and the ability to ascertain risks. The ability to stand up after a fall is the biggest thing that entrepreneurship demands. 

The financial aspect of entrepreneurship and the management of an enterprise is the biggest challenge in entrepreneurship. While these skills can make someone for eternity, a poor implication can break someone to the core as well. Entrepreneurship is more of like a tool to build, and a weapon to destroy. The difference rests upon the individual to carry it responsibly.   

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