Why is augmented reality the next big “reel” for your digital presence?

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Today’s world operates on different technologies and evolving variables. In this new day and age. Marketing has evolved to the level of personalization. The digital marketing space has been evolving so much that first it was virtual reality and now it is augmented reality services.  We were still adapting to virtual reality technologies, but now augmented reality is the present and future. We hear the terms augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. All of this is still jargon to the majority of our citizens.

Now let us understand first what augmented reality is?  Augmented reality refers to the reality-warping technology that could show you virtual things in the real-time digital experience that you’re having. In simple words, they will put up the desired ads. Other information in video or audio format in your daily usage, including cameras, wearables, and possibly smart glasses.

In augmented reality, it will be possible to place advertisements and new accountants in the existing spaces of the users. The first known implementation of augmented reality into devices was Talgo by Lenovo. All in all, augmented reality is just putting matters in your digital space in real-time for your benefit according to your preferences. We have been users of augmented reality through the use of Instagram and Snapchat filters.

Expansion or explosion. 

The newer version of business technologies has evolved from just providing products to be in the limelight to create continuous content to be in the eyes of the users and customers. With this, the time frame of being present with the business and being present as a business representative has lost its difference.

Today, all the systems are being digitized. Even cars are being automated and digital in their approach. Soon there will be augmented ads and the presence of other brands all over us, including TV glasses, mobile phones, and hand watches. And many other things that are not even on the market right now.  If you think about it closely, you will see that we have come forward in technology so much that we haven’t realized what other things we have overcome. I mean reliances launching the Jio phone next in the market but that phone looks like a phone from 2014 or 15. We are seven years apart And now if you look back, you will see that what are the expansions you have been a part of? And I’m pretty sure augmented reality is going to be one of them.

Newer possibilities.

The day and age of AI are now and we are living in the times where AI is the reality and possibly the reality is the fiction part of it. It is not very fair that we all will have Our fair share of JARVIS. Now Facebook stepping into the Metaverse is a big step toward generalizing augmented reality and related products. So the marketing will be similar and your presence is needed on their platform as well. With Ray-Ban and Snapchat having launched the Snapchat goggles, Google Lens is already on market. Facebook is also stepping into argument reality and VR specifically for the consumer segment and generalizing the way that we use the Internet.

It is not far that we’ll have hologram projection technology at our hands, and so the digital marketing space will evolve with technology as well, so the possibilities of your consumers being on augmented reality platforms are very high. And so businesses have to adopt this new way of advertisements and being present for content and recognition as well. The content and reels that you create today for the expansion of your business will possibly be created next on an augmented reality platform where there will be no screen but a holographic projection site where you could reach your customers directly in their reality in a real-time experience. Interact with them, possibly holographic video calls are the next big thing. And yes, businesses will thrive as the technology grows and so the digital marketing space will too.

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