Crew members Leave behind millions of dollars worth of cargo after abandoning ship

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 When an abandoned cargo ship was floating in the midst of the Atlanta ocean after it caught in huge flames of fire the crew was forced to evacuate. The ship was referred to as the “felicity ace”, which carried thousands of vehicles like cards which very most precisely luxury cars. It remains too soon to assert what actually occurred and what coil have the next steps for the staff of Porche AG. As per news the vice president of Porche Cars North America said that they were in contact with the shipping company along with the details of the cars that were on the board that was known.

A statement on Thursday was released from the company that unveiled that 1,100 of the company’s cars were on the ship. This meant that closely 4000 Volkswagen company vehicles were on board too. That included more than 100 Bentleys and undisclosed rates of Audis. According to the Portuguese Navy, the ship was sailing 100 miles southwest of the Azores, when the fire exploded on Wednesday. Forces then evacuated more than 20 crew members have safely landed them at a local hotel. This is how crew members have left behind millions of money worth of cargo after leaving the ship. This was of huge loss to the car companies the amount is at its highest.

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