3 Questions to ask yourself when you’re ready to supercharge your productivity

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People have to find a way to change their ways of life before it gets too late. Even for entrepreneurs, successful disruption has been the ultimate game-changer. However, if they want to be disrupted in the industry or the competition, they will likely have disrupted their own business first. But first, we should start disrupting the current way of the mindset. The current model of business might be giving some unimpressive and not great influential responses. Then the question improvisers should ask themselves is how they can change their slacking mode of working.

Three questions they should ask themselves that can drastically change their point of view on productivity.  Has to know how to go beyond expectations by showing dedication to their work in the industry. One should know the ways to understand what more is expected of them and they can go beyond those expectations. This dedication can be brought in through productivity.

The first question one should ask is “what can stop one from quitting all kinds of unbeneficial tasks? These questions can be answered if they stop doing what they think is limiting their capabilities. Taking a conscious decision about what they want they want to stop and how they can stop. At the same time being consistent about their decision is equally important. These kinds of questions disrupt the current work mindset. It helps motivate thoughts towards better belief and more good work ethics along with better productivity.

The second question that one should ask is “what are those three things that you would want to stop ?”. Whatever the three can be but three should have supposedly made one less of a proactive person than a productive person. One should start writing a “to-do” list or “wish list”. The list should comprise what one wants to quit and accomplish or new goals. The goals can be achieved by keeping oneself motivated, the to-do list should be created in such a way that can make the person very proactive in the future venture. 

The third question that one should answer is “what are the activities one wants to do every day?”. The activities that make a man productive he/she should that particular activity prominently. The activities that bring better motivation towards work should be done first. Spending time on work that promotes proactivity can bring more betterment. This kind of everyday work can bring better engagement with self- motivation. This can change and have a better focus on revenue-productivity activity.

Therefore these are the questions one has to ask oneself that might disrupt the current way of work. The current set of work that can be said isn’t beneficial. 

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