Enhancement is on Air: WhatsApp Has 12 Hidden Features! Know Them

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WhatsApp, from Facebook (now Meta), has been an essential part of every human life for a very long time. WhatsApp mostly enables you to connect with your relatives. WhatsApp has been seen to update its software many times. Mainly, the application specializes in advanced messaging capability. Mark Zuckerberg’s recreation and enhancement of many features of WhatsApp have been loved by the users. WhatsApp also encourages informational activities, wherein you can provide and receive information anytime related to the daily happenings. Alongside, users can know updates of fellow users if they have their numbers enlisted in the contact list.

For quite a long time, WhatsApp users are also enjoying transaction facilities inside the application. The feature is so easy to handle that while linking the bank account, you will find no bug. Undergoing a transaction is also similar to chatting. It’s more like while conversing with your mate, you can send or receive money therein. The transaction takes place in a few seconds with a few clicks. Furthermore, let’s get to know about some hidden functions of WhatsApp which might be overwhelming to you.

1.  Temporary Messages

These can also be called ‘self-destructing’ messages. This function enables you to be secure for your future. you can simply click on the contact and set Temporary Messages after you see the Messages option.

2.  Changing Text Format in WhatsApp

You can change the font of your text and can also make it bold. For doing so, you need to imply these characters while writing something in the type section – Using (*) at the beginning and end of your text will make it bold; ­_your name­_ (using _ before and after your text)

3.  Knowing the Time of the Message Read

Knowing the exact time when your message was read is easy! The only thing you have to do is press on the text you send and slide your finger right away onto the left side. You can also view the time by pressing and holding your text and then, pressing on Info.

4.  Disappearing Your Last Connection

You can ghost your last WhatsApp connection with a few clicks. For doing so, you simply need to go to Settings and then to Privacy where you will be getting the option to deactivate the Last Seen.

5.  Highlighting Messages

This is natural that you will be fearing losing your most important messages being in the unending ocean of conversations. The solution states that you can highlight your messages by selecting your messages and then, pressing Star.

6.  Not Saving Photos & Videos

Are the photos and videos causing trouble to your phone’s storage? WhatsApp, hereby, offers you the feature of not saving photos and videos. Just go to Settings and select Chats. Therein, you will get to deactivate the option Visibility (of multimedia files).

7.  Knowing Your Favourite Contact

You can easily know who your favorite contact is with one or two steps. You just need to visit Settings, and therein, you will find Storage Data. From Storage, you will come across Storage Use. With this tool, you can also manage your phone’s internal storage.

8.  Marking ‘Unread’ on a Conversation

In case you don’t want to forget to reply to someone’s message and currently, you’re busy doing some other work, you can choose the conversation and press the three dots, therein you will find the ‘Mark as unread’ option.

9.  Personalizing Your Notifications

This is indeed a great feature of WhatsApp. With this, you can easily know who is texting you on WhatsApp. Simply go to Settings and then, you will get the option ‘Personalized Tone’. Therein, you just need to select the one that you like the most.

10.  Custom Backgrounds

Changing custom backgrounds is another great feature of WhatsApp. You can add an image from WhatsApp’s collection of images or from your own Gallery. You can also set the tone of the image or the layout with WhatsApp’s dark or light mode. You can simply go to Settings, then to Chats and from there, select the Wallpaper option.

11.  Listening to Audios Prior to Sending

This is an enhanced trick invented by WhatsApp. If your voice does not comfort you, you can review your audios before sending them to your contacts. Not leaving the hold of the Record button and immediately deleting the audios is the option for you.

12.  Become a Beta Tester

Be the first one to use the Beta version of WhatsApp. Visit your Play Store or App Store to get the link and do the needful therein only. 

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