Why Businesses Should Take a Page Out of Jake Paul’s Marketing Playbook

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Few 20-year-olds start management firms. Jake Paul is a digital celebrity of Generation Z: Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he began shooting films with his brother Logan as a preteen. They began uploading videos to their YouTube account, Zoosh, using a camera that was given to them to assist them to study their football performances. 

He joined Vine, the now-defunct platform of six-second looping videos when he was in high school. One went viral, and they quickly earned 5,000 followers; a little shift in today’s social scene, but a significant one to a suburban youngster. He surrounded himself with a network in which he had this platform, audience, and skillset, and he would bring in others with promise, teach them that skill set, and place them in front of this audience.

However, he is already well-known and continues to grow in popularity daily. Now the issue is, why? Paul, on the other hand, is a well-known social media celebrity. Because of his pranks, Jake Paul may spark a slew of controversies. However, keep in mind that negative publicity is still publicity, which is why he has found success in his many ventures, making him such a marketing bible for businesses. 

Because of his commercial clout, Paul’s fame has drawn a slew of interesting businesses eager to strike a deal and sponsor him. He is a YouTuber with millions of followers who utilize the internet to promote future events. It has aided him in gaining recognition in sports as well as increasing the number of views on his videos. How has Jake kept his fan base and stardom despite the numerous problems around him? Much of his success may be credited to his one-of-a-kind business playbook. Here are some of his most productive tactics.

Appreciate your customers:

According to Paul, your clientele is the reason your business thrives. Always show your clientele that you appreciate them and that you’ve come so far in business because of them. Paul stands out for his respect for his followers and supporters.

He’s also made it in his boxing career due to the encouragement and support he receives from his followers on YouTube and other internet sites. Whenever he decides to attend an event, he makes certain that his clients are the first to know.

Build your brand: 

Paul believes that you should not be frightened to do what you believe is best for your company. You must ensure that your company is noticed for it to develop. Don’t be frightened to make a name for yourself. It is extremely beneficial to growth and sales. Paul rose to prominence because he was continuously coming up with innovative strategies to sell his brand. He created his image by doing business in unconventional ways, embracing the scandals that made him famous.

Make strategies to succeed: 

Paul has always set lofty goals for himself. He believes that instead of allowing oneself to fail, you should set goals that ensure higher returns in business.

Believe in yourselves: 

When you set your mind to achieve anything, go for it; don’t allow anything to deter you. Believe in yourself if you want your business to succeed. You must feel that what you are giving is the greatest on the market at the time.

Take use of sponsorships: 

Sponsorship is not just a method used by Paul, but it is also used by the majority of influencers today. There are several sorts of sponsorship, but they may be readily divided into two categories: money and in-kind support. Financial sponsorship provides money to social media influencers for them to continue creating content. This is fairly prevalent on YouTube, particularly in videos when the YouTuber abruptly diverts his or her material to discuss a specific product. In-kind sponsorship, on the other hand, is often done through product placement advertising. This is quite frequent on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

You’ll notice that social media stars, for example, advertise things in their tales and posts. These are quite straightforward to identify because they must now state that their content contains sponsored adverts. Overall, firms grant sponsorships to personalities like Paul because it is a win-win situation. After all, businesses can raise brand exposure and credibility by leveraging the massive following of a social media influencer like him.

Assist your company:

When you first enter the market, be prepared to support your company, regardless of the product or service. You should always have useful information about your product or brands on hand.


 If you, like Paul, want to discover success in the online world, obtaining the perfect sponsors for your material can help. So, whether you like or dislike Paul, it’s indisputable that he receives a lot of promotions. After all, his ways of promoting himself and his company, however divisive they may be at times, have helped him become a huge star across the country and even internationally.

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