Xpeng’s Biggest Announcement Has Made Everyone Crazy: Flying Car To Be Stepping Out of Dreams

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The term ‘flying car’ reminds everyone of his/her everyday dream. Childhood usually passes by watching dreams of flying cars and you inside them. Other than in dreams, flying cars have played a major character role in books, television series, and movies. For a long time, it has been rumored that many multinational companies have geared up to make the dream real. Different business associations are coming up with different perspectives for the making of it. On the contrary, a Chinese company, Xpeng is recorded to be highly dedicated to creating electric cars.

Recently, in an interview with HT Aero, the company announced that they will be launching ‘A Flying Car’ soon. Increasing the dimension of the vehicle, the flying car is said to be operating on the ground as well as flying in the air using two propellers on its sides. The car will look like a drone while flying. But the car will be unable to fly if the propellers don’t get enough space to make it happen. In fact, a drone usually faces problems flying if the space given is short. Reacting to the overall image of the flying car, it will give a premium and of course, a unique look. The car seems to be specially made for overwhelming the younger generations.

Talking of the launch, Xpeng has decided to launch the flying car in 2024. But it will only be available in some countries. Compared to the video launched to provide a glimpse, the design of the flying car is said to change by then. Anyway, for the record, the car will run at an approximate speed of 128km/h. Talking of the weight, the flying car will weigh up to 200kg. Another exciting feature of the car is that it will have a parachute which will help passengers in severe emergencies.

Furthermore, the investors provide around 500 million dollars for the production of the flying car created by Xpeng. Amid the circumstances of the future, the statistical graph states that by 2040 around 15% of the Chinese population will be driving flying cars. Looking forward to the graph, the citizens of China are extremely excited to see the new future.

On the contrary, the younger citizens of other countries are also dreaming now of the flying car but this time, they are watching it with the aim of driving it in the real life. This creation/invention is said to be magic for everyone. Out of all the magic shows driven, the creation of this car will be recorded as the best.

Competition & Benefit of Being Future-Forward

This particular move by Xpeng will lead its supporters and followers to talk of the extreme for a while. The company has gotten into a neck-to-neck race with Nio and Li Auto with the invention of the flying car. These are the hotspot companies in every generation recorded in the world like a bullfight. They are often compared to one another for recognition in the world’s market. Obviously, the creation made by Xpeng will shake Nio and Li Auto. Further, being future-forward makes the Chinese company (Xpeng) think positively and can make several changes to the flying car. The changes, if made, can nurture every person and surprise them with newness.

Crawling for seeing the flying car live, the sales could be imagined to be much higher in every country but gradually as the car is said to launch in few countries in the very beginning. It would rather take some time to go live in every country. Still thinking of positivity, every businessman is looking forward to seeing the new world with uniqueness. 

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