How tweeting your business can go a long way.

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Twitter took the world by storm when it was released. Every day we see numerous tweets by famous people reacting to something or the other. Meanwhile, we enjoy Twitter rants and banter. The platform provides sensational ways to promote a business. One tweet makes an impact that can be redeemed in various ways if handled correctly. 

Businesses can gather leads, engage with customers and make a brand impact and awareness with the use of social media and Twitter. Moreover, customer interactions are way swifter on Twitter. You can create a presence that is not only interactive but creates an impact over time. 

Trend decides the trek.

Twitter has a feature where you can see what’s trending. This feature lets you know what you are talking about. This is a great way of understanding the spaces to grow your business and to put the limelight on the motif. Businesses today grow on recognition. The more brand awareness you create, the more leads you will generate. And that is a lot of jobs done by Twitterati. 

FACT: Best known will always beat the best. 

By engaging with trending points, you can make your brand stand out from the existing monopolistic competition and put a silver pin onto your goodwill. You can see the strategies of Netflix and Prime Video; they curate content by promoting their content. This is a classic example of rewinding and reusability. Of course, you don’t have content or product like the mentioned, but you can make your campaigns relatable and connect more people to your brand worth.    

Engagement Schedule.

Like every social media platform, Twitter also has a peak engagement bracket. This means you can lay out your content according to the day and time. While interacting with the social media agenda and ongoing notion. A single tweet can be fruitful for your business and Twitter space can save you a chunk of money. Because the best part of social media is that it’s free to some extent. Usually, Twitter is most interactive between Tuesday and Friday around the time gap of 9 AM to 1 PM. This indicates that people tend to use Twitter in between work breaks, and if you manage to show up in their feed, you can earn a customer for free. 


Now, while being a text communication-based social media platform, Twitter has enabled people all over the world to connect, comment and interact on a real-time basis. This feature can be utilized for the benefit of your business. You can put your business’ name as a solution to people sharing their problems, and there you emerge as a problem solver.

Analytics and Advertisements

This is where you can familiarise all the social media platforms. Every platform earns money through planned advertisements. Twitter is also the same. The ads on Twitter will let you reach more potential clients and will have more impressions of your business.

TIP: Analytics makes you go where you want to from where you are. Use the tool diligently and make great impressions. 

Ads are a great way to make an impression and maintain a good follower base while being able to generate new clients and followers who can interact with your posts organically. 

Being present

Twitter sends numerous notifications to its users on the way they interact with the algorithm. This may and may not include people or topics they follow. This can be an advantage for businesses. Simply being present and tweeting relevant information and quirky reactions will impact in a big way.

Above is an example of how Zomato tweeted just before the ICC game between India and Pakistan, and this went viral. The game wasn’t in the favor of the Indians unless the tweet would’ve gone viral. 

This is how businesses can utilize Twitter space as a tool for growth and marketing. 

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