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Fashion trends have become a market of the unbeatables as the world internet is the lead which the population follows the leads of internet media outfits. Fashion trends in the era of social media have changed the ball for many. The ethics of business also seemed to have gone through the latest changes. The clothing brands have increased with digital marketing clothing markets too. Personalized dedicated apps for clothing shopping are brought on the board which is also a very successful market of its own. Fashion has changed right from the rise of social media as customers have increased dictating trends more than high-end brands. Fashion has become quicker than before and is always appeasing its customers.

The fashion industry used to be a very genre for experienced designers and editors as a whole along with influential retailers. Magazines are considered was considered to be reference books or bibles for inspirational fashion looks. Every individual has been keeping paper cuts of their favorite looks and outfits for reference. But that culture has gone through a major swipe as now pictures are shared on Instagram or any other leading social media platforms for millions of views and likes. Not only pictures but tips and tricks for fashionable grasping are readily available as videos on social media. High-end brands and big names collaborate with this Instagram influencer for the promotion of their brands with an aim to reach a large audience. This influencer took over their role as fashion gatekeepers. The brand game is mostly played by the influencers to get more customers on board.

Looking with an eye to social media to understand customer behavior in a better way. Giving a better view of consumers’ voices and how they are reacting to new trends in fashion. The pandemic also made humans witness the lifestyle and fashion changes. Masks from being medical protection have now transformed into a fashion statement. Luxury brands have been making luxury masks promising more sustainability and durability at the maximum amount of price.

The world is digitalized as it is a world that works with and through the internet. So, both the generation that grew up in the generation when the internet was budding from an infant stage, i.e, Millennials, and the generation that is growing in a world that is already at its peak of technology,i.e.Genz. They renew themselves by looking at the fashion trends on the internet. Also, the internet has become a very convenient place to keep oneself updated with the new trends and changes. The viral buzz has made been the aim of fashion influencers. 

The most powerful weapon that has made this trends stand and rise is the impeccable sense of “predictability”. They sense of fusion and bridging thousands of ideas together in order to make a new look or revisit the past for inspiration. In order to make this idea a success the influencers, the internet, and the power of understanding predictability.

The generation working together is a very good mix of both maturity and rebelliousness and they want their fashion look or outfits to present this through their presentation or amalgamation of clothes. The internet is not only capable of making this possible but also has great ways to constantly communicate with its consumers through influencers on what fashion ideas they are appreciating the most. The customers are the ones who make a trend a fashion ensemble a trend.

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